A smart guide for enhancing your outside wall lights.​

  • The outside wall lights are as important as interior wall lights are. Because the visitors shine their eyes first on the exteriors. Well, the exterior design and the interior design hold vast diversity among each other.

With the advancement in the lighting industry, there is a pool of options available for you to enhance your exteriors. Little or no knowledge about which one is appropriate, can ruin the touch of your well-designed and well-built house. 

Thoughtfully curated outside wall lights can give your guests a touch of warmth and welcome, instantly. While the inappropriate lights can turn the game upside down. 

Designing the exteriors is a careful task. But not an impossible one. With this guide about which lights serve what purpose and with your creative judgement, you can plan the best outside lights, yourself. Let’s dive into the interesting guide of the outside wall lights.

Types of outside lights.

Spotlighting/Down Lighting for outside wall lights :

  • Spotlights/downlights are a creative outside wall light design as their effect varies from object to object. It is best used to highlight the features of your home, giving the structure a bold touch. 
  • Downlights are placed at a high point giving the features a welcoming and pleasant look. The combination of downlights and moonlights go well for many homeowners and decorators. 
  • Downlighting is best suited for family gatherings. Other ground features are enhanced when the downlight is cast upon them.

Up lighting for outside wall lights :

  • There is a subtle distinction between downlighting and uplighting. 
  • Downlighting is faced downwards and uplights are faced upwards. They both serve varied purposes too. 
  • A spotlight installed upwards is an uplight. It helps your favourite garden features to be the centre of fascination. It lights upwards and outward the object.
  • You can install them downwards of your favourite plant, tree or statue where everyone can see the object. 
  • This technique is suitable for creating a cast of shadows and highlighting around specific articles. A variation of fixtures fits this kind of lighting.

Floodlight :

  • As the name explains, floodlights illuminate the larger dimension of the area. Due to extreme brightness and wider cover range, these lights are used in illuminating broader fields and courtyards.
  • The intense light can be blinding. Placing them at the entrance door may not be a good idea. 
  • You can consider installing the light along the roofline where they illuminate the better part of the yard. For a wider range, you may want to opt for different appropriate fixtures.


  • Owing to its name and identity, moonlight spots the elegant and decent beam just like the moon. 
  • It is placed among the branches and foliage to create a moon-like effect. 
  • A well-designed and well-placed moonlight offer subtle light effects for beautiful nights.
  • Irrespective of the moon or the full moon weather, with moonlight you can have a sweet and soothing full moon glow.


  • To decorate the architectural details and decor, the lantern’s luminosity is the perfect pick. Nothing slays outside wall lights as a lantern does. 
  • With a low-voltage scope, lantern fixtures highlight specific objects, giving a sophisticated look to the vicinity. 
  • You can draw attention to the objects, by lighting lanterns alongside. If you want a quick makeover of your outside space with outside wall lights, lanterns are a perfect shine. 
  • Thankfully, there is a wide range of lanterns to work out your aesthetic style. With beautiful lanterns, your outside space will look nothing less than a paradise.

Path lighting

  • As the name suggests, path lighting helps you navigate the path. While adding the element of decoration. Path lights go in sync with each other, on both sides of the way.
  • If the fixtures are intense than usual, then test the few distances out at night and add more lights if needed. 
  • Although your passage is dim, path lights help the walkers to choose the right path. Instead of placing a stream of intense lights, you can install sufficient lights to guide the way, elegantly. With a little practical sense, you can guide your visitors safely and creatively to your doorstep.

String lighting

  • String lighting is the best choice to call for a warm and comforting evening. Enable string lights over the ambience that is specially planned for an intimate and entertaining evening. 
  • Hang the string lights over the far side of the lawn, garden for a desirable, intimate touch. These lights serve the best purpose of decoration of the outside wall lights
  • Picturesque holiday decorations can be coupled with string lights for a subtle look in the evenings.
  • You can install these lights safely on the trees, on the fence, on the poles, so your yard is all sparked up.

Water lighting

  • Water lighting goes well above, on and in the water. Moving water can be enthralling with the light below. 
  • The most suitable location to install the fixture is at either end of the space, considering the curves. 
  • There are various fixtures available in the market for water lighting. Like, L.E.D lighting fixtures, Spotlighting fixtures, etc. 
  • This aesthetic of lighting should be done only with expertise in underwater lighting techniques.

Final thoughts, 

  • Home decorations require thorough knowledge and creativity. The entrance of your home and office is the face of your property. Lighting can complete the missing glow from your property. 
  • To begin with, you can start by placing street lights at the appropriate distance to guide the pathway elegantly. 
  • Moonlighting gives a light and romantic moon-like touch to your evenings. Make sure to hang moonlights on your special evenings. 
  • With spotlights, you can highlight special articles like your favourite statue or the texture. And, uplights create a warm look from above the ground. Both uplights and downlights will do wonders to your outside wall light space. 
  • String lights are everyone’s new favourite. Due to their minimal, impactful approach. Having the wires of string lights will save you from the last minute decoration. 
  • Lanterns are the old yet gold articles of decoration. Lanterns don’t illuminate the wide range of surfaces but they surely give a magical feel to your outdoors. 
  • If your outside wall space is blessed with a pool or a fountain; don’t let it go without lights. Make sure to decorate the waterside with experienced professionals. 
  • Check out Stylica’s luminosities ideal for any outside wall space.

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