5 Ways To Elevate Your Living Room Space

Have you moved to a new house? Or is the decorative element in your home missing? Either way, the foremost space you gaze upon is the living room; the heart and soul of your house. Start every day with a decorative living room that reflects every ounce of your creativity and imagination. An ideal living room is a satisfying blend of comfort and the centre of attraction. It is the kingdom where you rule with beauty and charm. So here we are to give you a one-stop solution, for the living room of your dreams. 


Credits-Harvest Moon Interiors

​Timothy Corrigan once said, “comfort first, comfort second, and comfort always.” 

A “made-for-you” furniture will elevate your living room space. After a tiresome day, to chill with friends, to watch an emotional or thrilling movie, our best companion is a relaxing, squishy sofa space. Choose the right Sofa that will fit well and make your living room look wholesome. To add on, a compact cupboard or a cabinet with the decorative surface for books, a vase with fresh flowers, young or medium-sized plants next by, to make the most of it. 

If your living room space demands compact designed furniture, ensure to make the best of minimalist designs. And if your living room demands more furniture, add more sizable designs.




​One of the many perks of having art in your living room is, it speaks a lot about you. Your favourite art is a doorway to your personality. An artistic painting or a wall decor of appropriate size, in the right position, will enhance the look of your living room space. Vibrant wall art or conventional wall piece is all your living room needs to add the element of beauty. 


Other than paintings, you can celebrate the walls with personalized Metal wall art. A metal wall-clock, metal figurines can give a decorative and thoughtful feel to your living room‘s wall space. Ensure to suit your wall art with the right wall paint. Be it subtle or loud or a tangy shade, ensure to carry out every piece, in harmony with others. After all, a living room is a soothing flow of elements and not of unwanted mismatch.


Credits-Design Cafe

Illuminations give us a wide range of choices for diverse occasions. Given a Table lamp, LED light, pendant/ hanging lights, lighted paintings to even candlelight, a mixture of all and some, lights are a subtle and modern way to decorate the living room. There are several light decorations available in the offline and digital markets. Choose the light that isn’t too bright for your eyes and goes well with the rest of the interior. 


Our favourite pieces can sometimes be out of our range. But in the present era, with a little bit of your creativity, you can decorate your home from start to scratch. With a good sense of colour combination, make your favourite articles at home, at a much cheaper cost.

About Stylica

At Stylica, we bring you a unique combination of wall art with illumination, famed as Backlit wall art. This type of wall art has a special edge over the traditional, unadorned wall art. It, for instance, enables LED light to shine through and enhance the artwork in previously neglected ways. 

We bring you a modern solution of metal and comfort with metal articles. Metal is the trend that is here to stay. Our articles are designed to last long while upholding their quality. Get a wide range of collections to choose from of Spectacular Wall Art, Comforting Metal Furniture, Finely-Crafted Door Screens, Pretty Outside Wall Lights, and Impressive back-lit frames. 

Decorate your living room with Stylica, today. 

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