Top 5 modern outdoor lighting ideas in 2021

If you ask for one thing that will remodel your interiors and exteriors in a pocket-friendly way, it is lighting. Ironically, many Indians use lights only for lighting purposes. Uh-uh. We are here to tell you one of the many useful benefits of modern outdoor lighting, which is Decoration.

Yes! You must have come across countless alluring lighting decors for the bedroom, living room, even for the bathroom. Along with enlightening your pathway to enhancing your interiors, suitable lighting decor creates a look of grace and sophistication.

Let us look at the immense possibilities of making your exteriors more creative. We, the Stylica, present you top 5 modern outdoor lighting ideas curated to make your exteriors stand out.

1. Modern Outdoor Lighting For The Front Door.

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The first impression is everything when you have guests coming over. A well-lit foyer or the entrance builds that first look of your house that proposes a welcoming and inviting gesture.

Once you have decided the style of your home, you are all set to pick the front door lights that suit best your modern outdoor lighting. While choosing the lights, you have to be considerate about safety along with creativity. 

You can hang lights, lanterns and pendants to make an ideal illuminating entrance. However, hanging lights look more attractive on tall doorways. Make sure to align the length of the rod provided with the hanging light’s fixture.  

Moreover, a lantern is enough to bring out the classic and nostalgic vibe to your entrance. Interestingly, lanterns can be both hanged and mounted. While selecting a lantern, be sure that it bodes well with the fashion of your house to bring out the best desired effect.

These lights can highlight your otherwise dark entrance, tastefully. 

2. Nameplate Lighting

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Nameplate lighting and address lighting ain’t a very popular and usually forgotten modern outdoor lighting form. Lighting the nameplate can pull off the style statement pretty well. 

Lighting only the margin border and leaving the middle space empty is a modern world’s preferred creativity. If you do not wish to go with the aforementioned custom, you can always light both the margin and the middle space to give it a dual modern and rustic touch. 

The fun part about nameplate lighting is, you can decorate it at your home. Yes, you heard us right! If you don’t want to spend on a professional electrician’s service, it’s okay! With a little knowledge and a pinch of creativity, it’s legal and fun to enlighten your nameplate and the address plate. 

Go ahead, and spruce up your exteriors with this unique style of lighting.

3. Outdoor wall lighting.

A well-lit home and poorly lit outdoor walls is a BIG NO. Taking into thought, the style, the security, and of course the budget, choosing a perfect modern outdoor wall lighting can be a baffling task. 

Installing a good-quality light highly influences the scope of your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Our best advice while selecting outdoor light is, it should be safe, secure, and beautiful

Don’t opt for the lights that are eye-soaring. Because they will help you spot the trespasser but it will negatively impact the time you spend outside. And make sure not to opt for too weak and decent lights that will make you fumble around in the darkness to find the door key. 

Remember, unlike indoor lighting, outdoor lighting should serve every purpose of safety and aesthetics togetherly. You may use a halogen light or a bunch of mini aesthetic lights to brighten up your outdoor space and make it more lively. 

A smart shadow game will do wonders for your modern outdoor lighting.

4. Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting or commonly known as garden lighting is where you apply the best combination of lights. Like, wide angle flood lights, spotlights, moonlights, pathway lighting, etc. Togetherly organised, landscape lighting can curb the appeal of trees, shrubs, pathways, and architectural details. 

The market is flooded with high-voltage lights that will dig a hole in your pocket. When picking modern outdoor lighting fixtures, don’t forget to strike off the energy-efficient and budget-friendly column that fits your lighting needs. 

Additional benefits of low-voltage lights are they pose less risk of electoral shock and have long-running battery life. Solar power is your ultimate choice if you are conforming to the eco-friendly rule. These smooth, environment-friendly, cost-efficient fixtures will keep your modern outdoor space illuminated from dusk to dawn.

5. Pool lighting

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You have taken care of every aspect of modern outdoor lighting and your house looks like a decorated Christmas tree, but what about the swimming pool and the fountain from your backyard?

A well-lit pool will be your favourite place to spend time at. You can illuminate the pool/fountain from beneath or/and by the surrounding. We think a pool illuminated, both from the beneath and the surrounding gives heart-winning feelings. 

With a wide variety of fixtures available in the market, L.E.D lighting fixtures, spotlight fixtures are what you would favour for your swimming pool and fountain space. However, unlike other outdoor lighting fixtures, this aesthetic of underwater lighting should be performed with an expert electrician’s help only. 

If you have a pool or a fountain, don’t let it go unadorned. Complement your modern outdoor lighting aesthetically with these pool-lighting ideas and celebrate your outdoors every day. 

Final thoughts, 

Irrespective of its usage and the time you spend outside partying and chilling, you need a well-designed, energy-efficient and pocket-friendly modern outdoor design for your house. 

In this guide, we took you through a wide range of lighting options available for doorstep decoration, landscape improvement, pool and fountain lighting. 

Dull and bare outdoor space says a lot about your affection towards your house. An aesthetically designed modern outdoor lighting can convey your love for your living space. Spare some time to figure out which design speaks of you and contributes towards making the house your own Home. 

Spruce up your exteriors, to make your home a good place to live in and (if you ever plan to sell) to boost its value significantly. 

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