About us

Stylica is a brand established by the idea of turning walls and useless/empty spaces into a art gallery, giving an exquisite look to it.

I was passionate about integrating art with engineering and this passion only prompted me to open up a new vertical in my existing setup with a brand name “Stylica”. Every individual part of a three-dimensional scene is throughout planned and drawn on to a steel sheet. Using a laser cutting torch, each delicate precision cut is made creating highly detailed individual components to be later layered into a dramatic life-like three-dimensional scene. From stainless steel and steel, to copper and any metal, Stylica’ s laser engraving and cutting machines can be used on nearly any material, but one of our favorites to work with is SS. It’s a Shiny, attractive, and universal material that’s downright gorgeous in its own right. When spruce up with etched illustrations or custom cut into a unique pattern, steel becomes even more instinctively beautiful and endlessly versatile.

Personalized wall art is an especially powerful art form which has the power to set the mood that you want and conveys your story and hints about you.